Machine Learning


Diatolumen is a lampshade model inspired by forms generated from the machine learning system, StyleGAN, using Runway software
Project purpose
Delivery date
December 2021
Anna Mueller, Giuseppe Piazza, Max Fonseca, Matteo Subet
During this workshop, with my team, we were able to test the abilities of machine learning and the possible correlation with the world of product design.
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/ Abstract
Diatolumen is a lampshade model inspired by forms generated from the machine learning system, StyleGAN, using Runway software. Trained from 500 microscopic images of diatoms, the system generated new diatoms created with artificial intelligence, which were successively used as inspiration to create a 3D model of a lampshade, a symbolic object, chosen with the aim to illuminate our creativity towards a more active co-design between nature, technology and humanity.

/ Interface and interaction modality
Diatolumen is a lampshade that was designed in the Blender-program and printed on a 3D printer. The sleek, streamlined shapes are made in the style of diatoms. The user interacts with the Diatolumen, turning on the light in the usual way.  And the light emanating with the lampshade is scattered on the surrounding surfaces in the form of different shapes. Thus, looking at these shadows, the user gets a sense of the unity of the forms of nature and man.

/ User Experience
Using the Runway application any user will be able to generate new shapes based on diatoms. This simple operation will allow any person to receive a potentially infinite number of new, unique images.

/ Research and development context
The object we have created can be used in any environment that requires an artificial light source. Its best application, the one for which it was designed, is in a creative studio. The next developments of the project could be: to refine the creation of the 3D model from the 2D image generated by machine learning, and create more products using these shapes.

/ References
Diatoms microscopic images.

/ Fabrication process
The creative process starts with the collection of numerous images, approximately 500, of diatoms. After using a tool that allowed us to align the style of each image, we created our dataset. With this set of shapes, we were able to train the machine using the Runway service. After that, the machine is able to generate new shapes based on the diatoms in complete autonomy, and in a potentially infinite number of unique images. With the new shapes generated, we developed 3D objects so that they could be printed using the Prusa i3 mk3 fdm.

/ Machine and tools
Prusa i3 mk3 fdm, Runway