Below you can see all the projects in which I developed the source code.
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DiPLab is an Interactive Multimodal Experience to involve Young People in learning about Antimicrobial Resistance
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iMprint is an interactive installation devoted to Locarno Film Festival. Visitors of the Festival have an opportunity to create a digital poster of Locarno Film Festival 2022 Edition with their body.
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Patchy is an interactive game for both kids and grandparents ideated to teach them complex systems in an easy and playful way.
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Save the ocean
The project aims to focus on the problem of plastic in the oceans; the player is a fisherman who uses his net to catch the pieces of plastic left in the sea.
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Weaving Memories
Weaving Memories - is an encrypted communication system displayed into a laser-cut felt carpet as a physical object.
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C-UBI is a game involving two or more players. Born as a reinterpretation of the classic hide-and-seek, it is based on small cubes and integrates sound as a means of support to the finding.
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