The Visual category contains all the projects in which I was involved with graphics.
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DiPLab is an Interactive Multimodal Experience to involve Young People in learning about Antimicrobial Resistance
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iMprint is an interactive installation devoted to Locarno Film Festival. Visitors of the Festival have an opportunity to create a digital poster of Locarno Film Festival 2022 Edition with their body.
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Save the ocean
The project aims to focus on the problem of plastic in the oceans; the player is a fisherman who uses his net to catch the pieces of plastic left in the sea.
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Weaving Memories
Weaving Memories - is an encrypted communication system displayed into a laser-cut felt carpet as a physical object.
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Zapp: In the city like in the country side
Zapp is an app that enable the user to research traditional recipes suggested by local farmer. From the app you can get inspired and purchased recipes directly from the local producers.
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